NEW: libbasiccard and libbccrypto 0.2.5

libbasiccard and libbccrypto are a libraries to communicate with a BasicCard, a powerful programmable smart card made by ZeitControl. (see They try to follow the API for Microsoft Windows defined by ZeitControl as closely as possible while extending its functionality where this is appropriate. They run on Linux, Microsoft Windows and probably as well on other operating systems with an implementation of PC/SC. (They were successfully compiled on FreeBSD, too.)

What's new in Version 0.2.5


Elliptic curve cryptography support

Many BasicCards support elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). ECC support is not included in the downloadable version of libbccrypto. It is available on request, though.


libbasiccard and libbccrypto are licensed almost without restrictions. Basically you can do almost anything you want with it (including commercial use), as long as you acknowledge my work. Please see the documentation for detailed license terms.